Can I use my own domain?

Yes. There are two ways of using a custom domain name with your Adult.Tube site. Choose only one of the following.

1. Changing the DNS records of your domain

  1. Point the A record to the IP address on the DNS of your registrar control panel.
  2. Make sure your “www” points to the same as your A record. If you see a CNAME record for your “www” subdomain, you can point it to your main domain.
  3. On the control panel of Adult.Tube, follow the instructions to add your domain so the app is able to receive queries from your domain.

2. Forwarding your domain

Alternatively, you can build your website using a subdomain on adult.tube (ie myaddress.adult.tube) and then forward your domain so when users type it, they get redirected to myaddress.adult.tube.

Ask your registrar service provider about forwarding a domain name, it’s very simple.

How can I change the navigation?

Each site is created with 2 menus, one on the top (the main navigation) and one on the footer. You can change the elements on both menus or add your own elements by going to the Navigation option on the Control Panel of your site.

Note: the Categories option on the top navigation is added by default, is controlled by the system and cannot be removed. 

Who receives the submissions of the Contact form?

The contact form is created automatically for you when you create your site. Everytime someone submits it, you will receive the information on the e-mail address you used to register.

Can I add Google Analytics to my site?

Yes. You can do it on the Settings area. Scroll down and add the ID of your Analytics Account. The ID should have a format like UA-4637485-1.

How can I add banners to my site?

Banners are managed on the Advertising option of the Control Panel of your site.

Note: We are currently undergoing an upgrade of this area. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to receive new updates.


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